Having enlisted in the US Marine Corps Officer Candidate Program in fall of 1974 I had heard my country calling. It was unpopular then on college campus’s to have anything to do with the military. Marine Corps PLC program sent one to Quantico, Virginia in the summer and the torture was done by professionals. We had no commitment during the school year so it was easy to avoid the BS from the people opposed to everything. But the hostility was replete, it was an uncomfortable world. Once commissioned the world changed while the masses still didn’t like us, and one got crap traveling on orders in uniform we had our own little world to back up on. We few we happy few. Today no one wants to have a country call them to service, no one wants to sweat for the privileges we are granted so they ask the kids from the impoverished and middle classes “hey you go do our fighting” you die and get wounded and if that doesn’t happen when you get back we will turn our backs on you committing suicide at the rapid rate. Suckers, we never meant it was for us, we have “our” college education for you to pay for us. We have jobs that you can’t have, and we have useless wars with no strategic goals that align with your tactical missions. We want you to be lead by the most feckless group of generals and admirals ever produced. They make the clowns in the British and French military in WWI and WWII all look like George S. Patton, Jr. Really General Milley you want to understand white rage, while you leave billions in equipment in Afghanistan which is now arms dealer to the world with OUR gear? The grift is up, the upper classes better step and support the balance or America as a nation will be in deep peril. Those two big oceans get very small when the invasion force is already on our soil. One could think that the draft would balance things out, but as the wealthy families in the north did during the Civil War, they will simply pay someone to go fight for them and skip combat.

Last thought would be a year of service for men and women of all backgrounds, could be anything, but something so they realize this ride ain’t free. Plus think of the lack of self respect most people have, they know they have left something on the table. The year of service might give them a reason for living. Great article by the way!,

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Army has been low status relative to wider society for a long time. That extremism training coupled with the vax mandate amplified this status disparity dramatically within the organization. Now everyone Army is low status, but people that are in the Army guilty of wrong think are super ultra low status.

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You may want to read Fehrenbach's This Kind of War, which digs into the difference between a popular army, fighting wars of survival, and a professional one just handling brush fires on the imperial borders. It's not just recruiting, training and discipline has to be done differently. The key chapter, "Proud Legions", is floating around the web.

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Once upon a time, young men who got in trouble were offered the options of jail or join the military. Now, it's just jail.

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Retired from the Navy in 1991 after 26 years. High school drop out to college grad, E-1 to E-8, W-2 to W-3, O-2E to O3E. Use to be a big advocate for service and the opportunities for upward mobility it provided. Steered many youngster to recruiters. Don't do that anymore. My conscience won't let me. Just this week I was walking out the front entrance to the local naval hospital and saw a sailor on a bench waiting for the shuttle to return him to his base. Like I usually do, I offered him a ride. Unbidden by me the first thing this sailor said to me by way of small talk was, "You know...from what I have seen so far I don't think I am going to make the Navy a career." No prompting by me at all. The kid looked squared away, was smart and just had to get that off his chest...to me a 75 year old lifer looking guy with a short haircut. I think it was an apology. I just nodded to him and felt really sad.

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Good essay. I am the son of a lifer (army) who was son of a lifer (army) both West Point grads. I served 30 years in the Navy. I would not recommend anyone to join any branch of the armed forces. Not only are they thoroughly broken, the new face of combat is one that will kill vast numbers of soldiers on or near the battlefields with weapons we cannot stop or shoot down. Cheap expendable drones with IR sensors will find anyone on a battlefield and the weapons available now to kill surface ships cannot be stopped by anything on those ships. It's not a good time to join. That and the leadership of all the services sucks more than at any time in history.

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For Whites it is because more and more of themrealize that the military and the Feds want to exterminate them. For non-Whites it is because they have no loyalty to the US, which they know as a White country they are merely exploiting for resources. One day I hope they end up with so few men that they cannot even fill a single base at full capacity.

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This is a good post. I just recently separated, and it's been tough, but it was the right decision. I long for an Army from a different time.

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Great article. So true about pitiful military service with these awful leaders picked by Biden. Gen Austin is one of the worst. Too many ‘star’ generals that couldn’t fight a real war if they dared to leave their safe place in the Pentagon.

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More and more it seems to me the people who set up that system expect the future of military action to be highly automated, robotic even. From that it follows that the normal martial qualities are not needed at all; all they need is a political class in that role which is ideologically aligned with the dominant ideology and sufficiently stupid and cruel.

It will fail in any real conflict due to what Clausewitz called "friction", the everyday nastyness of the business of war.

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My father (who was in the Korean War) told me, "If you don't have any other options, the military is one way to at least get an education." He paid for college with the GI Bill. Not sure that's even available anymore.

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s/On Civic Virtue and it's Death/On Civic Virtue and its Death/

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As someone in the military right no, whenever I look around and see fat bodies, pregnant women, and acne-ridden boy scout types, it actually makes me embarrassed and ashamed to be part of this organization. I wouldn’t even care about the country’s politics as long as I could be around lean, athletic, likeminded young white men (I know that sounds gay but I don’t care). Whenever I watch recruitment videos from the Army and see masked up kids (the masks literally make me lose my mind), I feel disgust and I can’t imagine anyone being motivated to join at this point.

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I think also that easy life of 21st century has a big impact on people wanting to shirk military service

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