You have a very narrow view of prepping. Steve points to Ferfal and Selco. There are others as well. Prepping is ideally about Attitude and Skills. Equipment and stored food are important but avoiding Normalcy Bias is the single most important thing.

If you are prepared for a disaster, natural or not, then in the aftermath the emergency crews do not have to help you. They can help others who need. Plus you can help those who need, both with your skills and possibly stores.

Attitude and skills can help if you need to flee your home. Be it to another state/province or to another country entirely.

If the Apocalypse (zombie or otherwise) never arrives, great! You can use your skills and stores to enhance your day to day life. In fact you should be using them constantly.

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You’re correct about the absurdity of the zombie apocalypse genre, but the prepper community is pretty diverse, and not all are so unrealistic. For example, Ferfal and Selco have a respectable prepper following describing survival in Argentina and Bosnia during crisis times - short answer is that it’s good to have friends.

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Your mother taught you well! Always have a kind interpretation of your parents even when, and especially if, you think you know better.

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> The logic of this prepper can ONLY apply in a zombie apocalypse or super-plague scenario where 90+% of people die quickly. This has never happened, no one has ever in the history of the earth,

To be fair, a nuclear war might also do this. Which is what I believe the prepper movement was originally focused on.

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Your mom sounds cool.

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Thinking about it. Storing food is useful for hyperinflation, as is storing anything besides money that might be barterable. Heck, I've heard a story about someone who managed to survive the Wiemar hyperinflation thanks to a collection of rare stamps.

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It seems both you and your mother aren't really prepped for this:

Please read and watch all of this! Your life depends on it, because there's a plan to murder 95% of the global population by 2050… written on the masonic Georgia guide-stones:

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- 9-11: two "planes", yet the third tower (WTC7) imploded like in a controlled demolition. It was out of reach and all 7 World Trade Center towers destroyed, not the closer towers not belonging to World Trade Center... and the owner, with his 2 grown up siblings, failed to show up for work (never skipped work before)… by the way, he took an insurance policy against terrorism, just months before, when no one was taking them.

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1. Adding hCG to infertilize women: lab detected in 30 countries

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Check soundchoice.org or videos at bottom after this page:


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PS I'm sorry I'm linking to my own substack. It’s not self-promotion: I couldn’t find better links but if you find anything better, I'd be glad to replace.

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Points 7 and 8

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Which is more likely; your house catching on fire or the zombie apocalypse? As a FF, I have my opinion...

Forgive me if I have a few things out of order in the timeline here, or I missed something notable...

I’m old enough to remember that the first survivalists; and they were definitely focused on the Cold War/MAD.

Rodney King. I understand that during those riots that Uncle Sugar considered air striking a police precinct rather than let it fall to rioters.

Rooftop Koreans.

Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City.

Richard Jewel and the Olympic bomb turned out to be Eric the abortion guy.

Ted K.


Y2K and the fear that was mongered by the media.

I don’t know how to categorize 9/11. At the very least, no one in the govt saw it coming and it was a massive sucker punch that we haven’t seen since Pearl Harbor. Or there were levels of govt complicity.

Hurricane Katrina was borderline WORL, at least inside the perimeter that was made by LE and the Army.

Somewhere in this time frame cell phones, the modern internet, and smart phones really came into general use.

Ebola. Bird Flu. White powder envelopes.

2015; hands up don’t shoot and the riots that ensued.

2018 and the pussy hat riots.

2020 lock downs as a dry run for an actual pandemic, but we still had rule of law.

Rule of law went out the window with riots related to George Floyd later in 2020.

The Kenosha Kid’s Hat Trick.

CHAZ, ANTIFA, nightly assaults on the federal courthouse in Portland, pyrotechnics and lasers.

The breakdown in California, San Francisco in particular.


The southern border has been a sieve the whole time.

All of these things were scary. If it’s easier to think of a zombie apocalypse or a EMP event to take action and prepare for it, all the better.

Not all of use have watched houses burn down in real time.

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It’s not zombies coming for us, it’s soldiers. Our own most likely.

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Fun fact: The producers of Night of the Living Dead forgot to copyright it, meaning it's in public domain and viewable legally on YouTube for free if you want to catch a piece of classic cinema:


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Community does seem to be key. You need someone to guard your back. Need a club or religious community that believes in prepping.

This country got through many crises without going full on fascist because we had a militia ethos going back to colonial times. That ethos died under George W. Bush. An earlier America would have created a corps of civilian air marshals using frequent business travelers who had a good police record. Instead we got security theater.

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Just stumbled on this. I VERY much align with your line of thinking here. I've vacillated back and forth between a sort "prepper style" mentality and what I would refer to colloquially as, "f*** it" -- the latter state referring to my inevitable mindset when I hit the wall of, "Yeah but what about X?" and realize that perhaps whatever I was previously mentally prepping for is so extraordinarily un-fun that I may as well take my chances being wholly UN-prepared for anything.

A couple of observations ...

One. You sort of obliquely touch on this, but not quite, so I'll just pose this hypothesis now: I get the vibe based on your writing style and mention of your mother that you're probably in the Millennial-ish generation, or thereabouts -- as am I. One thing that strikes me lately is a general lower vibe quality to the older generations -- where the concept of breaking away from the Borg B.S. is so utterly alien to them that they can't quite manage to conceive of a higher-vibe, dare I say Anarch-ish society. Even those who align with the so-called "Libertarian" party are still enmeshed and entrenched in the old paradigms. I wonder if there is anything to this, though it's difficult to articulate cogently. My point simply is -- I think that there are more older "preppers" than us somewhat younger folks, and I think there's a reason for that which may transcend merely the *ability* to "prepare" from a logistical standpoint.

Two ... Okay. Yes. The die-off. Just to play Devil's Advocate on that one: What about Our Favorite Pharma Ploy and the die-offs resulting from that? I guarantee you, we haven't seen the end of the COVID Craze ...

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Enjoyed your article. You make good points that unfortunately have triggered some racial and conspiracy oriented “preppers” to come out of the bushes.

I will agree with some of the more sane feedback around your misinterpretation of prepper culture. Well, there are some that are steadfast believers that society will just simply break down and we get a do over, I think, many prepper communities (sorry to trigger the community people) do on scenarios where portions of society persist.

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Counter examples, just in the last few decades:

Bosnia, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Rwanda, Haiti, etc, etc, etc.

Go further back in history and there's plenty more examples of pseudo-zombie apocalypse scenarios. The "zombies," instead of being actual infected-walking-dead were just the equivalent--amoral, ungoverned, might-makes-right individuals or organized groups.

Prepping to lay low, with your own resources, for some period would increase your chances of survival greatly in those situations.

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The zombies are already here, and you can prepare for the future, but only live in the moment. During a crisis, a few friends close by are better than gold. A man is not a mountain. When a society collapses quickly, it is never pretty, and you won't be mentally prepared for it. The society many of us live in has been moldering away for years, and we are privileged to be witnesses. Of course, it would be much more self-consoling to move across the world to a safer place, but what is coming can't be avoided readily - even though migrants might hope to disagree. The world has become too large and encompassing, and the sociopaths in high places too prevalent. Wait them out and watch their greed consume them. You are witnesses to what will shortly be history.

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Preppers will spend countless hours on collecting everything except lists of enemy targets. They'll share photos and posts about Patriot Front declaring them to be "FEDS" but won't loiter near their local FBI office in order to see who their local FED really is or what he/she looks like. Same with Antifa/BLM activists, journalists, academics or contributors to radical causes.

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