The Hagadah says "Every generation they rise to destroy us."

I saw this happening 20 years ago. My red pill moment, when crazies on college campuses blamed 9/11 on "The Jews."

BLM openly supported Hamas and Palestinian terrorists. They weren't shy about it.

Now the Crybully tactics repeat. Hamas goes in, murdered innocents, sticks babies in ovens, and then cries like a little bitch when they provoke the response that they actually wanted.

But we're all confused. Down is up. Up is down. A society that doesn't know what a man or a woman is sure as hell doesn't know how to distinguish good from evil.

Young people now think Osama Bin Laden had a "few good points." Soon they'll say the same about Hitler.

Do I and my fellow Jews deserve this?

Actually, maybe we do.

We were warned again and again by Hashem, culminating in Deuteronomy 28. We follow the laws of Hashem, we will be protected, prosperous, happy. We break the laws, we will be hunted, scattered, terrified.

How well is our upkeep?

Well, plenty of Reform Jews were out there marching with BLM, oblivious to their stance on Israel and Jews. "Oh, they don't really mean that."

Yes they did.

I quit my old synagogue when I ridiculed the latest golden calf they insisted we worship: Those gawdam masks.

Were they at the vanguard to protect the sanctity of marriage? Hell no. Even Chabadnik Shmuley Boteach who got himself in the public's eye, celebrated the travesty of Obergefell.

And Israel? They went full green pass with the vaccine. It made me weep that there was no more Israel. Just like there's no more United States. No more England. No more Canada. No more Australia. No more France.

We're all just different regional offices of Pfeizer.

So G-d, true to his word with the covenant, is preparing the belt for the spanking once again.

Israel could be the redemption of the Jewish people and the return of the messiah.

Or it could be another false hope, no more a messiah than Sabbatai Zvei.

And the funny thing is? The answer to that flipping coin depends on our observance of the Law, not the whims of fate or the casting of lots.

How are we doing?

I'm not secure in it.

The shining light to the nations has gotten mired in idolatry, worshipping false gods, including some very vicious ones, like Communism, Identity politics, Wokism.

But Kodosh Baruch Hu will remind us - one way or the other -- that his is the only way.

Have mercy, Hashem, on Israel and the virtuous souls of the United States and the west. Remember your promise to Abraham, that the city of Sodom would be spared if only ten righteous souls could be found.

Can we find a sufficient proportion of righteous souls in the west?

If so, spare us as you promised Abraham.

If not... do what must be done to restore your holy name.

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Very interesting take bro. Well done!

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The censorship regime against Islamophobia MUST ALSO END. Islam is a religion of tyranny and global conquest, not a religion of peace.. Why shouldn't all liberty loving people be phobic about Islam?

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Bit o’ gaslighting going on here

“that's still shockingly few people to drive such a large part of American foreign policy and social taboo”

Even the Jerusalem Post which has incentive to lowball admits American Jews account for 50% of $ contributions to the Democratic Party. That’s just American Jews. Of course you know Zionist Sheldon Adelson bankrolled Trump’s successful 2016 run. It’s not the number of people it’s the number of dollars, along with other forms of leverage Jews have positioned themselves to exert

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The ruling class / conspiracy turned against Israel long ago and favors Islam. Just a co-incidence that the highest degree of Masonry is Islam. But, all Nationalism must go to usher in the UN / One World Government.

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I used to work in Congress. Jews, or rather their hyper-wealthy ruling clique, do in fact wield immense influence over us, via their lobbying firms and assorted think tanks and NGOs. Their operation is incredibly sophisticated and effective, and politicians dare not incur their wrath by not towing the line.

Arab oil money has almost no bearing on our policy, and every attempt these Arab states have made to gain influence has backfired comically.

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Or it could be "You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

The Oct 7 operation was so full of holes and inconsistencies, full of competing narratives and blatant BS that most people asked "What?"

Then the response was blatantly genocidal and criminal, with senior Israelis threatening to kill and remove 2.1 million people with nowhere to go.

No-one could support the narrative and retain a shred of believability.

The Israeli excuse had always been 'equivalency' ; 'look what the Palestinians did to us' but this time that excuse could not work.

Those with some independence and courage had been saying for years that Israel could not carry on killing and slaughtering without a payback.

Now the world has seen the craziness of the Israelis and are appalled.

Hath not a Palestinian eyes?

Hath not a Palestinian hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, heal'd by the same means, warm'd and cool'd by the same winter and summer as an Israeli is?

If you prick us, do we not bleed?

If you tickle us, do we not laugh?

If you poison us, do we not die?

And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?

If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that.

If, a Palestinian wrong an Israeli, what is his humility? [Shakespearean ‘punishment’]


If an Israeli wrong a Palestinian then what should his sufferance be by Israeli example?

Why, revenge.

The villainy you teach me, I will execute, and it shall go hard, but I will better the instruction.

.... with apologies to Shylock

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We do live in interesting times. Watching the media figures slowly determine what is acceptable to say, and in support of who, has been fascinating - And entertaining. Even the right-wingers are just following the money...

Though I wouldn't place your bets on Palestine yet. Most of the big tech companies are owned by Jews and are very powerful. Same for legacy news and entertainment. If they decide criticism of Israel is a "violation of their terms of use" then Palestine is done. Of course they are slavishly dependent on the US government and universities for legitimacy, so maybe they won't....?

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If this is indeed happening and the MCI-Arab-Isreli-Ivy League coalition is falling permanently, well this opens the door for other actors to start promoting bizarre stuff inside the US and by contagion in the anglo world.

List of potencial actors who would be interested is huge, however the combination of wealth (anything below a 1 billion per year of direct transfers will not make a dent) and will (even in billionaries a single one of them is not enough, you need at least hundreds if not thousands of influential people in the same aim) shorts the list to few candidates.

Appart of the gulf guys, Japanese LDP and India's BJP seem plausible. The LDP as the fussion of the bureocracy, the industrial conglomerates, the carrer politicians and the Yakuza makes for a powerfull single-party state who has not been in the bad side with the US elites for 70 years. Unlike the CCP, the LDP has the incentive structure to bet in influencing local politics. The boring part is that given the Japanese context, they would end up trying to support the neoliberal consensus (Friedman's monetary policy for the dollar, US involvement in asia, FTAs with pacific countries, NATO-like projects for asian countries, etc.), that would put them firmly in the democrat side in the long run.

The BJP is more interesting, as a reactionary force with a very conservative conception of decolonization as goal, they would find natural allies in the white supremacist movement and to lesser degree in economic nationalist policies of the Trumpist movement. The BJP may be poorer than the LDP or the gulf guys for that matter, however the sheer amount of manpower the BJP has been able to use to overcome the Congress elite consensus in the Indian media is a compensating asset. Also that manpower is not behind a firewall of any kind and its most devoted cadres are fluent in english, imagine if Tucker had 150 full-time-paid indian tech bros doing the logistics, IT and media propaganda of his new channel... also with the guarantee of being censor-proof given the IP location.

I think all other actors lack the will (european countries, Brazil, turkey) the economic means (Cuba, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Pakistan) or the incentove estructure (China) to play the US game. Still, I am probably wrong.

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One thing that is becoming apparent.

Many people don't like Jews and now feel free to indulge that dislike.

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> Israel just managed to pin its flag to this massive endeavour as a very junior partner, and everyone's forgotten how junior that position is... Including seemingly the Israeli executive (much to the screaming horror of Israeli diplomats)

I see the incentives at play here, but this is difficult to believe. In general, when you want to know which of two partners in a coalition is the junior, you can look at the set of decisions that help one but hurt the other, and tally them up beside each other.

The American military-industrial complex has been gutted by affirmative action, which is generally accepted, at least on the Right, as a means of limiting the influence of White Gentiles, who would otherwise have a natural base of power as the guys who make the planes fly and keep the power flowing. This is very bad for the military-industrial complex, who would've been just fine in a perpetual 2004 - scenario, where American Whites are more-or-less left alone in prosperity as the empire keeps going, but such a scenario would've driven the senior partners up the wall, given their neuroticism. A group that's too valuable to attack is too dangerous not to attack, in their eyes.

Likewise, for all the problems with the war in the Ukraine, it was, at least, a stable source of profit for the military-industrial complex. It was vital to the credibility of America's status as the sole superpower, it carried demand for every expensive, questionably useful toy they could produce, and it caused issues, at least in theory, for America's number one competitor in the arms market. Moreover, while Republican voters weren't so sure about it, nearly every single Democrat, even in the younger, more anti-war demographic, was in favor of it. Support wasn't organic, but it was real, and it was relatively sustainable. Compare this to Israel, where lefties are universally (with a certain exception, of course) opposed, younger righties are ambivalent, and even older righties are a lot less enthusiastic than they used to be. Moreover, while the Ukraine is unambiguously a puppet state that will do what it's told in any situation, Israel is run by Netanyahu, who is correctly identified as a loose cannon. If I'm a Raytheon executive deciding which war would be more profitable, the choice seems obvious.

As far as I can tell, when the goals of the American Empire and Israel conflict, the latter always seem to take precedence.

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It was Lot who received that promise. You don't even know your own Torah.

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This all sounds so 19th/20th century international politics, and what is being said is true on many levels, but leaves out the head of the snake, and it’s technologies.

What control over expressed speech “they” may have lost, it has been replaced with a myriad of technologies that have been implemented in the effort to “mind control” the masses on the entire planet.

Hence, the newest being nano-tech in the jabs for instance, and all other means of silent warfare, ie, V2K (Voice to Skull, old tech, but very effective and widely used); Scalar tech, such as HARP and cell phone towers, all used on the entire world population.

These technologies are used extensively on the world government parliamentary/ Congressional bodies.

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How about. in order to explain things, we follow the money?

On Sept. 9, the White House announced a plan for the construction of an India-Middle East-Europe Corridor (IMEC) that will connect India to Europe, through the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel.

Iran is part of the competing Belt and Road corridor designed to connect China to the Mediterranean.

“One of the reasons Hamas moved on Israel… they knew that I was about to sit down with the Saudis,” President Biden said. “The Saudis wanted to recognize Israel.”

Setting the conditions for peace was exactly what Saudi Crown Prince and de facto ruler Muhammad Bin Salman, known by his initials MBS, told a bipartisan delegation of U.S. senators, on Saturday, arguing that “conditions should be set for stability and the resumption of the peace track.” That same day, Arab, European, and African leaders huddled in Egypt for the Cairo Peace Summit,

Salam Fayyad, an academic who lives in Boston, was globally commended for his outstanding performance as PA prime minister between 2007 and 2013. He is another candidate to run Gaza, post-Hamas.

Western and Gulf governments can impress on Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas to appoint Dahlan or Fayyad as the governor in charge of reconstructing Gaza. Rebuilding the PA and Palestinian politics can follow.

With peace and foreign investments, Gaza can become a tourism and services hub. Its international airport, destroyed in 2001, can be reopened. Its planned port can be built. Gaza can be turned from a pocket of misery into an oasis of hope.

All this threatens the oil money that flows to Russia and Iran. And India, with its 1.5 billion people as low wage producers, threatens China.

I think the India-Middle East-Europe Corridor plan is still alive despite the attempts to derail it.

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There's a lot in this essay that's certainly true and very informative. And yet, after watching a new 1 hour documentary this morning on this situation, I now realize that what's going on in Israel goes to the very heart of our civilization's belief system about God, life, how we treat each other, and who gets to control Earth. This is literally a biblical power struggle. After reading and watching everything I could find on this subject since October 7th, and piling that on top of everything I've learned about Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and the history of this region over a period of decades, nothing has opened my eyes to what's really going on like "The Mystery of Israel - Solved". It just went up on StopWorldControl.com

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Twitter/X still censors. They just prevent certain posts from being retweeted or allowing comments on said post. Also, they have algorithms set so that you can post or retweet something, but nobody sees it on their feed. I've had several people who follow me tell me that they aren't seeing my posts on their feed. They still censor, but they do it in a sneaky way.

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