Great piece.

In the last few days, I was taking notes for an up-coming piece "Are We Living in a Science Fiction Movie?" You touched on the main subject, which is predictive programming.

On that note, I did read a fascinating piece not long ago, "Charles Manson’s Science Fiction Roots: How L. Ron Hubbard and Robert Heinlein influenced a murderous cult":


If you haven't read that one, I'm sure you'll love it. We know the New Republic is itself a spawn of the whole H.G. Wells predictive programming circles, however it mentions many wild facts, including how Charles Manson developed some of his ideas from the sci-fi novel Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. But more interesting is the actual nexus of science fiction writers it talks about, Hubbard, Heinlein, Campbell. All were Futurists essentially working out various mystical ideas on the future "evolution" of mankind.

The irony is that fiction in many ways gets us closer to truth than anything else. It allows us to work out various fundamental questions and to play them out. Often, this means the author may be talking about one thing, but then actually saying something else. There's a term for that in hypnosis, it's called "stacked realities."

And of course, we all know the famous quote by Julian Huxley, the first director of UNESCO, talking about its ultimate goal being to make eugenics once again "thinkable." Culture, films, television became the clearest route to priming the imagination, introducing all sorts of various themes in ostensibly fictive scenarios, but ultimately coloring the imagination in new ways and making many things that were once unimaginable or "unthinkable" suddenly possible.

I've lost count of the amount of "sci-fi" Hollywood films, series on Netflix, Amazon Prime etc... which have as the underlying theme man's genetic modification and the creation of more advanced, intelligent and stronger humans. The genetically modified superior humans are always presented in contrast to their mere organic 1.0 human beings. Limitless with Bradly Cooper is another interesting one. He takes the pills, suddenly he's smarter, smoother, and more charming.

The soul is never really broached. Or if it is, it's ultimately suggested that it's ultimately just a bio-chemical property, and can be altered like everything else about human beings.

We've been primed.

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https://x.com/evilvizier/status/1649147662757928960?s=46&t=KYDpT9cMWrcAf_ElarE1dg JSanilac has a truly phenomenal essay on Ultrahumanism which is basically this premise but in a much more positive light. I think the future even just the next 3-5 years due to AI rapidly accelerating all of this will become a mix of both dystopia and utopia extremes to be found from both ends amalgamated into something very strange.

Assuming AI can build layers of protection from its most pernicious effects it may in fact be a much better rather than worse state of affairs compared to today with potential pockets of isolated breathing room from all the resultant insanity this level of technological advancement will inevitably bring.

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SciFi isn't just predictive, it's preparative. From a panel discussion of bioethics, eugenics and the role of SciFi at the Time 100 Summit in April, 2019:


"But I think because we talk about these ideas so far in advance, the ones we think that we can protect, that we do, that the ethics can stay ahead of technology. Not just catch up, but stay ahead, so we, the, the world of science fiction writers, the Hollywood, can come up with scenarios that are well outside our technical capabilities, but are inside our abilities to have a discussion among the entire population by introducing it to millions of television or movie watchers for example, or book readers, magazine readers. That is how we start the discussion before it is technically possible." - George Church

George Church is a prominent eugenicist, a Jeffrey Epstein Didn't Kill Himself BFF at Harvard. And a whole lot more. He's joined on the panel by moderator Ariana Huffington and genetics researcher (eugenics) Pardis Sabeti who's been at the center of creating the pseudoscience of lockdowns, contact tracing, advocate for the creation complete totalitarian state dystopia medical tyranny. And daughter of Parviz Sabeti, chief of the Shah of Iran's SAVAK security force that tortured, murdered and terrorized the Iranians so horribly that they overthrew the Shah's regime and replaced it with an Islamic theocracy. Sabeti was a CIA operative under the Shah and his family, including daughter Pardis, has been cultivated as CIA assets now being deployed against the US. A technologically improved version of SAVAK. The eugenicists never went away after Hitler's murderous regime. They just went underground. Today we are experiencing their coming out party. More on the seemingly disconnected topics of eugenics, SciFi, Jeffrey Epstein, medical surveillance tyranny, utilitarian bioethics and the Shah of Iran at this Freedom Fox post:


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I read about airborne and underwater drones successfully used in swarm attacks, and wonder how long before we see swarms of armed "Spots," such as developed by Boston Dynamics, descend upon some small community and led by AI with orders to extinguish all human life. That's not far off and may have already been used without our knowledge.

People laugh at those videos and articles describing how to take down these robots. I take them seriously.

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Interesting writeup. Are you familiar with the works of Michel Foucault? Especially the concepts of biopower? If not I think you'll find it quite interesting.

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I can honestly say I never bought into the movies & sci fi .. as predictive programming ... but now at 60 I can also honestly say .. I was way fucking wrong. 🤯🤪

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When You grasp that the Ones with all the money, the psychopaths in control, write the script for the play They cast the actors for and direct from the...er...wings (stage term and political term), then You can grasp what "predictive programming" is all about.

They seem to have a need to tell Us Their plans, so They do it surreptitiously, occultedly, obscurely, and other ways. It's not "predictive" at all. It's pointing to the plans They have.

We might want to strip Them, the psychopaths in control, of Their single tool to power...

The Foundational Function of Money (article): https://odysee.com/@amaterasusolar:8/The-Foundational-Function-of-Money:9

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Bleak. That is probably the "logical" progression. But I suspect "progress" will likely look more like civilization collapse than ever more technological, centralized bio-tyranny.

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Just Wanted to be sure you used a good picture of Ricardo Montalban. 👍

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I can recommend the provocative webcomic "Genocide Man" for an especially cynical look at the topic.

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If only C.M. Kornbluth laid off the cigarettes and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. He would have shown us the future in great detail.

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I realized a while ago that technologies like artificial wombs have the potential to turn humanity into a eusocial species.

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What is - Japan art ' Dropout ' - ?

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