Great piece. Have you seen Tree of Woe’s speculations on European pagan monotheism? (His capstone essay on it is here: https://open.substack.com/pub/treeofwoe/p/the-theology-of-the-hypsistarian?.) He makes the case for a non-Abrahamic form of ancient Greek monotheism that believed in a most-high God, but whose theology also allowed for small-g gods.

Such a worldview would allow for Wotan, either as a god or as God in another guise. Regardless, the monotheist component might make an easier off-ramp from Christianity.

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I don’t want to agree with you however I think that Christianity has lost all its innovation and vigor, I’m not even Christian I just aspire to be because it’s morals result in a kinder world but the truth is when Christianity first spread it was via marketing to women that’s why it’s kind and egalitarian, given the current situation though the next religion of the west will spread via marketing to men primarily young angry men, thus will require aggression, glory, and odinism does fit this bill best. Also the temple types and paternalistic structure that was present in odinism is a valuable tool as it ties groups to the land their ancestors inhabit as one of its core tenants just look at post indo European long barrows. If I was to make a religion it would basically be reskinned warhammer 40k as it calls for space expansion which I believe the rising rival elite will see as a great rallying point and source of glory.

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Well written article, but there's a major assumption. That Christianity was uniquely destined to go Woke.

In reality, adversaries have been infiltrating and subverting Christianity, Academia, Congress, the Military, etc. for decades. The reason this hasn't happened to Norse Paganism is probably not due to immunity of that religion, but rather it's current lack of size and power for the parasites to bother infecting.

A secular example of this concept is gaming. Feminists only got involved in video games once it was a well established, billion dollar industry.

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Bless you. That is an epic piece. You are a great writer. I will continue reading it for the next few days. I would prefer the Viking religion to that of the one of the devil; Hamas & like terrorist. They will ride over the earth for the destruction of all. Reputation is everything so says Uther. The reputation of Hamas, the Taliban & others are so evil that the Islamist do not want them in their lands, but they will be in their lands too. And destroy it all. They truly are evil. Mohammed was a business man but terrorist are not. Kadisha was the first Islamic terrorist. Thank you for your essay. In heaven, we will live in Valhalla as warriors and people of honor. And if the terrorist have their way it will be sooner than later.

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In the disgust at all the unending problems of the Modern world and how they have infected formerly functional churches: Egalitarianism, Feminism, Third-Worldism, Zionism, post-modernism, legalism, and an aesthetic and spiritual relativism


I think the way forward is disgust, not religion. I don't think Christianity is dying in the West. It is religious belief itself people are dropping.

But disgust is hardwired. We don't learn it. Blind children display disgust on their faces when they encounter a noxious smell, for instance.

Encouraging European men in Europe, North America and the Antipodes to be disgusted at what is happening to them. Sidelined to appease complaints from feminists. Unemployed to help foreign men get on in their homelands.

None of this is natural. And we must cultivate disgust in men. Not anger, not some egalitarian spirit. But disgust anyone would support the decline and reduction of any nation.

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The secularism of the past century, not traditional Christianity, correlates with the self-destruction and weakness of the West. When Europe and America were still firmly Christian, there was no wokeism or xenophilia, Muslim armies were fought back and subversive Jews were expelled (more that 1000 times from various cities, territories and nations). Turd-worlders were subjugated in their homelands, not imported into the West at public expense.

No improvement in human rights either. Paganism has historically incorporated some pretty vile and stupid customs, such as widespread human sacrifice (Latin American aboriginal) and fear/worship of ghosts and demons (Africa). Even European pagans sometimes practiced human sacrifice, though nothing like the scale of the Aztecs. In most pagan societies, women are oppressed and treated as property. It's definitely not all harmless and liberating dancing-around-the-maypole festivities.

Also, it is hard to use paganism as a large-scale political rallying point, since it is much more personal and local form of religion.

Why reinvent the wheel...just revive Christianity, which is already well-known in the West, and saves the trouble of starting from the ground up. Even the infrastructure (churches) are already in existence. This article is just an intellectual exercise from someone with too much spare time on their hands, LOL.

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1. The Christian concept of Hell likely has roots into Zoroastrianism. The Old Norse concept of Hel comes to us after centuries of Christianization, recorded by Christian clerics in a time when Church had power of thumbscrew. The similarity may be a distortion.

2. Angels as winged beings predates exposure to Old Norse culture.

3. Das Niebelungenlied and the Sagas were recorded in Christian times and suffer some distortions as a result.

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Understandable confusion about Christianity and North European peoples. I come from the last pagans in Europe. Which no longer exist anywhere among whites for over a thousand years -- beyond the occasional and short-lived role playing games which die with their innovators, or entire LARP fantasy conventions occasioned by the new connectivity of our era. If anyone had a shot at reversion it would have been Julian.

There is a reason for this. Christ has conquered these sub-gods forever and they cannot be brought back to life in the εὐαγγέλιον -- the Announcement of that Victory. It is a war that was lost millennia ago, and in His Mercy, Christ permits even the misinformed, Japanese-atoll-tier holdouts very long lives and abundant opportunity to participate in that victory rather than be annihilated by it.

I say Kulak's confusion is understandable because he grew up in the decadence of Christendom so spoiled by victory which, in her superabundant if misguided mercy, permitted a slow redefinition of Christianity by her own enemies. This is lately undergoing a correction via apocalypsis. "You shall hear of wars and seditions..."


Kulak has mistaken the blessings of Christ for north European or Norse culture, which is not a terrible error, since it is in Europe where Christendom achieved its fullest expression thanks to the richness of the blood & soil of that culture where it was providentially designed to flourish best. But it becomes a fatal error if he continues to (unwittingly) accept the enemy's definition of Christianity. The ignorance about Christ is vincible, but first one must accept that we have been lied to about Him. It seems invincible only because, in our era of deception, we think we know who He is and therefore never find it necessary to make a proper reconnoiter as adults.

Christianity is whiteness for the world. She transfigures all who enter her bosom truly, no matter what stock or what direction they arrive from. Mistaking our natural propensities, this unmerited grace from God, this White Man's Burden, as not a grace but an immutable inheritance apart from Him, is why He is now demonstrating the consequences of that claim: our suicide. Corruptio optimi pessima.

It doesn't have to be so. Say Christ is Lord.

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You did not have a classic literary education.

You misunderstand Shakespeare and his symbolism. You are not adept at scripture.

You were taught modernism-- look at the past through the lens of the present; indictive v deductive reasoning.

You have to understand history, the Bible, classic logic and philosophy and the past to understand Shakespeare and to cull the wisdom in his art.

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> Norse Paganism fulfills this role, while allowing continuity with the past 1000 years of European culture and traditions, since while the various Christian traditions wring their hands about stuff like The Crusades, King Arthur, Shakespeare's Works, and the Various national heroes of the 15th-19th centuries

Have you interacted with any conservative Christians?

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So, the issue with going for Wotanism; and interestingly enough I believe Hitler made a similar case, is that you are trying to gain inspiration from what is arguably the least grand period for Germanic civilization. Meanwhile all of its peaks come later during Christianity. However you explain this away (and I’m not saying you’d be wrong) a religion whose entire purpose is to celebrate greatness and glory can’t exactly make it very far past this kind of hurdle (at least not easily).

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For those who claim that claim there is no moral or ethical foundation to such a faith, I present the following:

One of the founders of the Odinic Rite, John Gibbs-Bailey (“Hoskuldr”), had allegedly developed a code of eight virtues during his involvement with small, underground Odinist groups as early as the 1950s. When Gibbs-Bailey and John Yeowell formed what became the Odinic Rite in 1972, Yeowell added one to make the total nine, a number that is significant in Norse mythology (Heimgest, “Time to Honour an Unsung Hero,” p. 3).

Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self Reliance, Industriousness, Perseverance..

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Where are all these children of European based neo-pagans?

Why don't Western Hindus/Shinto/Zoroastrians (who have a lineage that European pagans don't) have children either? Will the Pagans actually try to build something viable and not just create a new wrapper for modernity? How will they know they are creating something that works? After several centuries of cultural selection, which will take 99/100 pagan groups into the abyss? Why are childless pagans from Azov now dying for a country ruled by strangers, and which will not belong to their children or nephews (because they don’t exist), but to people who hate them?

Until the pagans have the answers to these questions, it is safe to say that unless the large Christian denominations begin to heal/small healthy Christian fundamentalist sects become visible, Jesus will be replaced by Muhammad, not Odin.

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I’m glad I saved this to my “to read” list. Fantastic piece !

Making Christianity “Judeo” has done nothing but sucker Europeans into a sense of guilt and added a layer of beliefs that don’t work for us.

In fact, ever culture that mixes themselves up with the sand people ends up paying the price. The Egyptians, the Macedonians, the Romans, the Germanics / Francs / English, and now the Americans.

We all pay for THEIR stupidity.

Anyway. Great piece.

European vitalism ftw

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Pagan traditions are always much better than Judeo-Christianity. The classical civilizations of Greece, Rome, Egypt, Northern Europe, and other places all show the superiority of natural religion/culture to the dogmas of revealed religions. Great article, very creative and insightful!

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"Though Odin would have you die gloriously, he’d not have you die for Israel."

Now, *that* is a relief, and certainly an improvement over this Yahweh character who seems to salivate over the prospect of a cataclysmic bloodbath in his dubious honor in the "holy land." I say "his honor," but I wonder if it would not be more correct to say "her honor." After all, Yahweh's narcissistic manipulativeness and petty jealousy strike me as being suspiciously feminine, rather than masculine.

I do wonder whether Marcion was right about this Yahweh character, and whether Christ was really a revelation of something (and someone) completely different. Unfortunately, the Judaizers of James' faction won out and took over Christianity in the name of Yahweh (a movement which won its penultimate victory in America with the zionistic Schofield Bible.

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