And there's some interesting history that most don't know. American socialism was originally much more like fascism. The source of the Nazi salute may well have been the U.S. The Pledge of Allegiance was devised by a Christian national socialist. See:


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You went off track at the outset of your argument by not acknowledging that what was truly odious about Fascism was that its hierarchical racial dogmas about the innate superiority of some humans and the allegedly subhuman essence of other humans produced the most advanced technological mass murder project of its time. The systematic slaughter of 6 million innocent men, women and children because of their Jewish ethnicity was one of the lowest moments in human history. That's the problem with Fascism.

Your essay really requires that grounding at the outset or it can't be taken seriously.

That's too bad, because your deepest point is that progressivism is increasingly equivalent to Fascism, and that's a very strong point. Progressivism has even adopted its own hateful racist hierarchy, and as you correctly observe is rapidly developing the taxonomy and processes of Fascism.

In fact, progressivism is a weird morphing of racist hierarchy with Marxist enforced "equality", a homicidal commitment to hierarchy combined with the elimination of all signs of superiority except the possession of power.

That's a road that leads back to Auschwitz--and the Gulag--and progressivism is building that road. That's your deepest point.

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Kulak, have you read Rothbard's The Progressive Era?

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As Hitler said, there was very little difference between fascism and communism. The original fascists, the Italians, were non-racialists. The Germans and Japanese, however, were, but that was the only difference between those two types of fascism. Fascism is more effective and efficient than communism because instead killing the capitalists, fascism incorporates them into the government, making an oligarchy. The CCP is a fascist, national socialist system, regardless of what they call themselves, and the U.S. is moving to a fascist state.

Danny Huckabee

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Left-progressivism is a feminized fascism. The mainstream liberal left is the overprotective mother; the hard left is the devouring mother.

I think imputing qualities to historical fascism (which can be termed right-progressivism) such as "daring, manliness" gives it too much credit however. In that same list you mention "aggression", which is accurate. Lashing out in violent aggression is the opposite of manly, however, it is the behavior of a disturbed, emotionally unregulated teenage boy. The virtues that leftists hate fascists for are largely posturing, not fascists' true character. This is why leftists also call reactionary libertarians like us who genuinely embody such virtues to a substantial degree "fascists".

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One must take care to distinguish between fascism, which is a philosophy of governance, and socialism, which is a system of government. The former places the state before the people (whose purpose is to support the state), and the latter is system which permits private ownership of the means of production while they are controlled by government (as opposed to communism, in which government both controls and owns the means of production). Socialist and communist governments typically have a fascist philosophy of governance, but fascism doesn't require those forms of government. But because socialism/communism is so closely linked, historically, to fascism, it has (wrongly, I believe) become nearly synonymous with those forms of government. However, it is possible for fascism to take hold (as a philosophy of governance) within the framework of other forms of government, it's just that it's rare for that to occur (but easily imaginable).

In summary, fascism should not be confused with socialism/communism. The relationship is merely an artifact of history, and a reflection of the human nature of man when attempting to control a society. A philosophy of individual liberty and personal rights is incompatible with socialism/communism, and is therefore generally insulated from fascistic tendencies. Which is why the erosion of our liberty and rights is so dangerous - such erosion almost always goes hand-in-hand with fascism, even if our form of government maintains its (technically) democratic apparatus for the election of our government officials, and even if it doesn't regress to full-blown socialsim.

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Mussolini, Hitler, de Oliveria Salazar, Tojo Hideki, Miloševic, Peron; which are the fascists with benefits? The post and thread are trying awfully hard to sugarcoat fascism. Nationalism and racial, cultural or ethnic purity were more than the manly virtues inherent in fascism. The posting did ignore the negative consequences of these inherent characteristics. The strongman, savior leader was another characteristic. This inevitably led to tyranny and poor economic performance. The majority of those on this thread seem to be so hell bent on rationalizing some sort of reformed fascism that I will tack away to find a more mature, rational and facts based conversation.

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Your description of fascism ignores many of the major flaws such as hyper-nationalism, religious intolerance and intimidation through violence. Your description of progressives is guilty of the same problems you describe in the left, painting with a broad brush when a fine one is needed. Until the arguments are refined to specific, evidence based discussions it will be impossible to solve the problems. There is reasonable ground for compromise if we put aside fear mongering and a desire to impose established religion, ethnocentric, static culture and minority, oligarchy or strongman governance. If your faith requires us to establish the late, Christian Roman Empire synthesized with Victorian England, then you have turned your back on the demonstrated benefits of American liberalism.

Best regards,


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Perhaps a tad dated, but I wouldn’t mind giving Timocracy a go.

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Why the rise of globohomo values in the military is completely nuts

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I am so totally against communism, fascism, socialism, capitalism! I aim for a society of Ethical sovereigns (NO controlmind) with the accounting for Our energy added into a system (as slaves must do) removed, which is the foundational function of all "money" - from trade/barter on up to electronic bits.

I aim for a solutocracy in abundancism:

Abundancism (10 min): https://odysee.com/@amaterasusolar:8/abundancism:8?lid=eeff9e0c80138ce03e22d76bcd5f2f873ff46b72

Solutocracy (7 min): https://odysee.com/@amaterasusolar:8/solutocracy:c?lid=eeff9e0c80138ce03e22d76bcd5f2f873ff46b72

The Detailed Blueprint (for a Society of Ethical Sovereigns) (7 min): https://odysee.com/@amaterasusolar:8/the-detailed-blueprint-vocal-redo:9?lid=eeff9e0c80138ce03e22d76bcd5f2f873ff46b72

Is Money Evil? (14 min): https://odysee.com/@amaterasusolar:8/is-money-evil:9?lid=eeff9e0c80138ce03e22d76bcd5f2f873ff46b72

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