This is such an incredibly good essay! The urbanization part I think kills the birthrate most. It's hard to have children in cities. Back when I lived in apartments, we'd never see children in them. People complain about how how wasteful suburbs are, but never consider the positive externality of a single-family home as the ideal place to raise a family.

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Conservative Mormons have a birthrate that outstrips conservative Jewish or conservative Americans.

Trump won Utah.

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Utah has seen an influx of non-Mormons and is only like 55% Mormon so using Utah's TFR is not accurate... This data has Mormon TFR at 2.42 as of 2016 (the most recent I could find): https://religionnews.com/2019/06/15/the-incredible-shrinking-mormon-american-family/

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I doubt any other governments will import American redneck conservativism, because they can't abide the core belief that each individual holds:

you're not the boss of me

And it doesn't matter who "you" are. A group of people who hold to that belief make poor serfs to be ruled over.

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Jun 20, 2023Liked by Kulak

So what you're saying is, they ARE deplorable? :)

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I have been playing around with this theory that sexual liberation is basically a memetic WASP version of smallpox. Dangerous to all cultures, but Anglo-Saxons have more natural immunity, possibly because they have been educating girls the longest.

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We now witness Sir John Glubb's cycle of empire applied at the global level to high-IQ human industrial civilizations, with all the classic symptoms ensuing, including feminism, fertility collapse and immivasion.

I come from an American Southern Christian conservative family, based in Memphis TN. Our clan acquired immunity to Progressivism the hard way, by watching Blacks transition from plantation slavery to welfare patronage, and destroy our city in the process.

Nowadays it is rather dangerous to observe American Blacks up close, and the TV is full of excuses. Therefore the individual can more safely take the HBD pill by vacationing to the Philippines instead.

Land of high birthrate and based Duterte, the Philippines is the appropriate venue for redpilling one's normie girlfriend. There she will find functional pro-American low-IQ brown people, who demonstrate that the Left is lying about the cause of Black dysfunction. From there, she has no choice but to embrace White nationalism, as she has become a pariah to all good Progressives.

Essentially, one uses mass transportation to escape the cycle of history by visiting another era.


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And so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the progressive-urban-globohomo monoculture vortex.

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'American conservatives have native memetic immunity' is a great explanation of the observed evidence. It fits so well it makes me wonder if it's actually possible to create theories of cultural behavior which are predictive, or if there are other insights from virology which can apply to memetics.

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America's political divide is rural-urban more than left-right. Who wants to have kids where there's no room for playgrounds and the sidewalks are occupied by creeps?

Reducing the population is utterly reasonable when you are crowded.

Opening the borders is idiotic. Conservatives need to make some common ground with environmentalists and get the environmentalists to wake up. You cannot have Ecotopia and open borders at the same time. Any Ecotopia will look empty to those in China, India, or other overcrowded countries, and Ecotopians will go the way of the American Indians.

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Great article with perceptive observations. Get outside the urban core to find the real America. Lots of kiddos running around everywhere.

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الحمد لله پسر کشاورزی هستم

خدا را شکر پسر کشاورزی هستم

Quick translation of “Thank God I’m a country boy.”

Transliteration: Alham d’allh pesar-e keshavarzi hastam

Or Khoda ro shokr pesar-e keshavarzi hastam

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Muslims and American protestant rednecks inherit the earth.

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One ought consider the infertility which correlates with diseases of modern civilization and thus industrial society. Hasids, Amish, and Mormons live more traditional lifestyles, eating foods which they’ve raised and/or vetted themselves, — they benefit from recipes hand taught by grandmaternal instinct, trades making skilled craftsmen out of dutiful sons, and practical freedom from the lead poisoned well of hyperspecialized profitmaxxed bureaucratic capitalism. Similarly, the heartlands of American conservativism bring farm closer to table than any Beltway NGO desk jockey could stand.

The Seventh Day Adventists are likewise zealous and their home base of Loma Linda shares the sect enclosure aspect of Hasidic, Mormon, and Amish communities. Amish imbibe raw dairy, Hasids congregate at the kosher butcher, and Mormons consume relatively large amounts of meat and milk. They along with the Adventists traditionally share the same low stress lifestyle, with alcohol, smoking, and other dangerous behaviors marginalized far below national rates. The Adventist diet, however, is heavily plant-based, which they tout under the “Blue Zones” entity – a propaganda wing packaging moral-religious imperatives as nutritional counsel. In fact, the Adventists have for the last century infiltrated food production at every level: California agriculture, Kellogg’s cereal, the American Dietetics Associations, and — the World Health Organization! Their dietary dogma spins out from the ascetic ideal, with corn flakes concocted to circumcise libido and repress sexual vitality.

They further hazard prospective mothers against the consumption of simple sugars. The Loma Linda University Center for Fertility advises:

"Probably the most common diet-related issue we see in fertility patients is a high intake of simple carbohydrates. This high intake requires the body to produce large amounts of insulin to control blood sugar. The high insulin levels increase the levels of male hormones in the ovary, which may affect ovulation and oocyte quality, and contribute to pregnancy complications."

—In fact, it is complex carbohydrates which break down purely into glucose, causing a sharp blood sugar spike, provoking a heavy insulin response:

"Starch and glucose efficiently stimulate insulin secretion, and that accelerates the disposition of glucose, activating its conversion to glycogen and fat, as well as its oxidation. Fructose inhibits the stimulation of insulin by glucose, so this means that eating ordinary sugar, sucrose (a disaccharide, consisting of glucose and fructose), in place of starch, will reduce the tendency to store fat. Eating “complex carbohydrates,” rather than sugars, is a reasonable way to promote obesity. Eating starch, by increasing insulin and lowering the blood sugar, stimulates the appetite, causing a person to eat more, so the effect on fat production becomes much larger than when equal amounts of sugar and starch are eaten. The obesity itself then becomes an additional physiological factor; the fat cells create something analogous to an inflammatory state. There isn't anything wrong with a high carbohydrate diet, and even a high starch diet isn't necessarily incompatible with good health, but when better foods are available they should be used instead of starches. For example, fruits have many advantages over grains, besides the difference between sugar and starch. Bread and pasta consumption are strongly associated with the occurrence of diabetes, fruit consumption has a strong inverse association." (Raymond Peat, Glycemia, starch, and sugar in context)

Perhaps the “male hormone” whereof the Adventists are so fearful is testosterone, a prerequisite for sex drive in both men and women.

I haven’t found publicly available data on their fertility rate. Unlike the Hasids, Amish, and Mormons, – Adventists are racially diverse; the primary means by which they “grow” is by taking new sheep into the fold.

That said, what data is available from the Adventist Health Study evinces an inverse relationship between fertility and adherence to their plant-based anti-fruit pro-slop propaganda. —They allow in vitro fertilization, whereas the one true holy Catholic and Apostolic Church soundly rejects it as ungodly and destructive. If Loma Linda is lionized as a rare bastion of love and longevity, then for what reason would the Blue Zones trademark and the official Adventist website decline to laud fertility as another cardinal virtue of converting to their lifestyle?

But criticizing plant-based castratos grows dull as quickly as their visages render pallid, oatmilky white. My thesis is this: culture plays a role, of course, but — consider physiology.

Adventist Demographics: https://substackcdn.com/image/fetch/f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/https%3A%2F%2Fsubstack-post-media.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fpublic%2Fimages%2F810f6972-a236-4691-b00c-5e9af5e2afd2_640x426.jpeg

Adventist Fertility to Isoflavone Intake: https://substackcdn.com/image/fetch/f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/https%3A%2F%2Fsubstack-post-media.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fpublic%2Fimages%2F078b18b4-6812-480e-8a3b-2c751d1827ba_710x464.png

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Great article. I'm a proud rural Canadian farm Baba who loves truck driving, hunting & fishing, beer drinking, country rockin, God and my church and am very family centric with a hard working take no prisoners but watch out for your neighbor attitude. We are far from a dying breed.

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Do you have statistics on TFR in America by cultural persuasion?

Solid article by the way

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